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An awesome internet radio station based in Staten Island, NY.

Radio Services

The Gasm was initially formed as an internet radio station to broadcast music and speak about art and other events around New York City and New Jersey. Today, we still offer people the chance to be on the radio and get their music or message heard.


1. General Radio Air-Time (Advertisements): Get the word out about your event or show through a one time or repeating advertisement.

Prices vary according to type of advertisement:

a. Spoken - given a written script of sorts, your add will be broadcasted: starting at $10

b. Recorded - given a script, with the length and editing time factored in, you add will be played and broadcasted: Starting at $20

c. Visual - (on site only) adds are displayed on the website 24/7 for term of agreement: Starting at $1 a day

2. Interview: Have Mark or another broadcaster from The Gasm interview you and/or your group about your organization or upcoming functions. 

a. Live - live interview on the radio (called in or in studio): starting at $30

b. Pre-recorded - an interview that will be played and broadcasted either during a live show or at a time of your choosing (if not done in studio or over the phone, the client is responsible for all travel expenses): starting at $50

3. Perform on The Gasm: Come onto the show and perform on The Gasm to be broadcasted to the whole world.

Prices vary based on if the material is pre-recorded for the show or live on-air. 

3.a. Performance Mini Pack: Come onto the show and perform on The Gasm, the live on-air performance will be recorded for the group or artist and saved for future airing at the station's discretion. Prices vary on type of recording (2-track, stereo subs, full multitrack). *Additional fees will be added for mixing of the tracks* - starting at $100

3.b. The Earth Shattering, Mind Blowing, Full Package: The full package for any band trying to get air time. Receive an interview and perform live on the show, have the whole show recorded and then mixed! Prices vary based on each group and their personal needs - starting at $200

4. Have Your Music Played on The Gasm: Simply put, we will play your music on our show. (Please contact us ahead of time, we do not just play any track submitted to us). Prices vary on regularity of play. - starting at $5

Please email us at or use the Contact Page for all service inquiries. 

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