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News Update!

So, we are sure that you have all noticed that we haven't been live for a while, once again. We are terribly sorry. It is not easy being a college student and trying to run a radio station while in class and working and being involved in so many other things. BUT we will be back soon! (Probably starting in May)

We also have some awesome updates in the studio. Some brand new equipment. We can now actually have live bands on the show, record them in their entirety, and also mix them down (at a later date) to provide the band with a live EP!  

We are currently looking into doing a video live stream as well, especially for when we have bands and other groups on the show, but we will see how we do first with the bands themselves.  

Our idea here is to have bands on the show live and perform in the studio or in the back (if they want to be outside, we can also house a larger audience there) and bring to you the best possible quality and local music that we can. We always want to promote local groups and artists to make sure that we both grow.  

If you have any ideas or interest in working with us, we would be more than happy to talk to you. Please email Mark at  

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