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A Notable Mention - Band Geek

This past week, Mark was asked to take on a relatively normal task in his professional work: fixing an old reel to reel tape machine, and transferring a tape. But this time was a little different. 

For those of you who know Mark personally, you know that he was welcomed into the world of music through the guidance of Castellano's House of Music in Staten Island, NY.  It was there that he learned how to play drums, and eventually go into piano and guitar as well as many other things; but, most importantly it is where he really was given his first look at the recording world and where he knew that this would be his career, all thanks to the wonderful teachers and staff at Castellano's, but especially Richie Castellano.

Richie, last week, asked Mark if he could repair his uncle's old 16 track reel to reel as well as do a tape transfer on it. This tape transfer was special though, it was music recorded live at a wedding with Richie's father, John, and Uncle Phil, of their wedding band, which for 18 years, one of the singers was the amazing Sharon Jones. Sharon unfortunately passed away on the 18th of this month. 

To honor her and her life, on Richie's Podcast, Band Geek, he dedicated his most recent episode to Sharon. In this episode you can hear the actual restored recording of Sharon and the band. We warn you now that it will bring tears to your eyes and chills all over your body.

It was truly an honor for Mark to restore that machine and especially that recording, and help bring some happiness to the people that have given him so much. He encourages everyone to head over to and listen to Episode 096 "A Tribute to Sharon Jones" and join the family in remembering Sharon.


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