The Gasm Radio

Earth Shattering, Mind Blowing... Music

An awesome internet radio station based in Staten Island, NY.

How To Tune In

There Are Now More Ways Than Ever To Listen In To The Gasm

  1. Click on any of the play buttons on any page of the site
  2. Click on the "Listen In!" tab to open the stream in a new tab of your browser
  3. Go to and search for "The Gasm". You'll see our name, logo, and slogan. Click on our page, and you'll automatically be tuning in. (If you like TuneIn's format, please follow us to add us to your favorite stations, and even "heart" us to automatically tune in to us whenever you open the app.) *Be aware that if you do not have a premium account, you will have to listen to a 15-30 second ad before the stream starts.*
  4. If you would like to save the stream into your own iTunes or Window's Media Player, you must "Open A New Stream/URL". The steps for doing this are different for each program. But the link you will need is: If that link does not work with your system (which can be due to an older OS) please use this universal link:

Hopefully, depending on how well we do this year, we will be able to afford to make an app for iOS and Android. But for now, those are the four ways that you can listen into The Gasm.

© Mark Rucci 2016