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A Notable Mention - Band Geek

This past week, Mark was asked to take on a relatively normal task in his professional work: fixing an old reel to reel tape machine, and transferring a tape. But this time was a little different. 

For those of you who know Mark personally, you know that he was welcomed into the world of music through the guidance of Castellano's House of Music in Staten Island, NY.  It was there that he learned how to play drums, and eventually go into piano and guitar as well as many other things; but, most importantly it is where he really was given his first look at the recording world and where he knew that this would be his career, all thanks to the wonderful teachers and staff at Castellano's, but especially Richie Castellano.

Richie, last week, asked Mark if he could repair his uncle's old 16 track reel to reel as well as do a tape transfer on it. This tape transfer was special though, it was music recorded live at a wedding with Richie's father, John, and Uncle Phil, of their wedding band, which for 18 years, one of the singers was the amazing Sharon Jones. Sharon unfortunately passed away on the 18th of this month. 

To honor her and her life, on Richie's Podcast, Band Geek, he dedicated his most recent episode to Sharon. In this episode you can hear the actual restored recording of Sharon and the band. We warn you now that it will bring tears to your eyes and chills all over your body.

It was truly an honor for Mark to restore that machine and especially that recording, and help bring some happiness to the people that have given him so much. He encourages everyone to head over to and listen to Episode 096 "A Tribute to Sharon Jones" and join the family in remembering Sharon.


WCBG! Wagner College Radio

Mark Saves The Day!

As many of you might know, Mark attends Wagner College. And this past semester, along side his busy life and work schedule, he was called upon by the staff of Wagner Colleges's radio station, WCBG, to fix the station. 

Through a little trial and error, Mark finally got the station up and running with a new software, cleaner interface, all together easier system for both live audio and pre-recorded sound, and a truly cleaner final broadcast signal with a more professional sound.

In the next semester, though Mark will not be on campus, he will be dropping by every now and again to help the staff better understand audio, general software programing, and broadcast business as well as show practices.

WCBG has an amazing lineup of various shows, broadcasting everyday! Please check them out at and enjoy!


News Update!

So, we are sure that you have all noticed that we haven't been live for a while, once again. We are terribly sorry. It is not easy being a college student and trying to run a radio station while in class and working and being involved in so many other things. BUT we will be back soon! (Probably starting in May)

We also have some awesome updates in the studio. Some brand new equipment. We can now actually have live bands on the show, record them in their entirety, and also mix them down (at a later date) to provide the band with a live EP!  

We are currently looking into doing a video live stream as well, especially for when we have bands and other groups on the show, but we will see how we do first with the bands themselves.  

Our idea here is to have bands on the show live and perform in the studio or in the back (if they want to be outside, we can also house a larger audience there) and bring to you the best possible quality and local music that we can. We always want to promote local groups and artists to make sure that we both grow.  

If you have any ideas or interest in working with us, we would be more than happy to talk to you. Please email Mark at  

How To Tune In

There Are Now More Ways Than Ever To Listen In To The Gasm

  1. Click on any of the play buttons on any page of the site
  2. Click on the "Listen In!" tab to open the stream in a new tab of your browser
  3. Go to and search for "The Gasm". You'll see our name, logo, and slogan. Click on our page, and you'll automatically be tuning in. (If you like TuneIn's format, please follow us to add us to your favorite stations, and even "heart" us to automatically tune in to us whenever you open the app.) *Be aware that if you do not have a premium account, you will have to listen to a 15-30 second ad before the stream starts.*
  4. If you would like to save the stream into your own iTunes or Window's Media Player, you must "Open A New Stream/URL". The steps for doing this are different for each program. But the link you will need is: If that link does not work with your system (which can be due to an older OS) please use this universal link:

Hopefully, depending on how well we do this year, we will be able to afford to make an app for iOS and Android. But for now, those are the four ways that you can listen into The Gasm.

Do You Want To Be On The Radio?

Are you a local band?  

Are you a singer-songwriter looking for a stage?  

Are you just someone trying to get the word of your organization or cause out there on the radio?  

You need not look further!  

At The Gasm, we are always looking for new original works, especially from local talent to post and promote. Whether it be music, poetry, movies, games, or even an event somewhere; no matter what it is, we want to know about it and tell everyone! We want to get you out there and help you reach the audience you want and deserve.  

Please feel free to email us or contact us via the "Contact" page, and let us know what is going on. We will promote any event, and even add them to our "Events" page. We will soon be adding a "Media" page, and there we can post your movie. Especially if you are an artist and want to get your music out there, we will have you on the show, we can even sell your music through our very own e-store. 

So please, even if you just have questions, let us know. We are always around to help.  



I just wanted to send out a quick thank you to everyone who made last night so great and so much fun. 

Our main special guest, my brother, Michael Rucci. Thank you so much for coming on and sharing some of your work with us. Please, those of you reading this, go onto Amazon and search for his book "Excrement". It's only $10.  

Thank you to one of my best friends in the entire world and business partner, Tom McHugh. It was absolutely a pleasure to joke around on air and also play our original music.  

Thank you to my other brothers Chris Rucci and Sal Delgado, I know you guys were only on for the last few minutes, but we will make it up next time. (Maybe even with a live show ;) ) 

Special thanks goes out to my mother, Margaret Rucci, who made me, but also allowed me and my brothers (along with my father Michael Rucci) to always be creative and help to fund our early endeavors. But especially for coming onto the show last night and suggesting some great songs to play.  

Lastly, I just want to thank every last person who listened in last night. It was truly a joy to be broadcasting again and I hope you had as much fun as we all did. For all of you new listeners, please please please follow us on social media, spread the word (especially to local musicians and artists or any group who wants to get the word out), and remember that we are broadcasting 24/7. We are going to try to be consistent and do Friday night shows, but you know how college kids are with time management. Either way, if you follow us on social media and check the "Events" tab of the website, you will see when our next show is.  

Once again, thank you so much to everyone who made last night possible. 2016 is off to a great start, and we have a whole lot more coming to you! 

 - Mark Rucci

A Brand New Start

It has been a long time coming. Finally we have a new website, we have now moved to a new broadcasting platform, and we have updated our studio. All great new things! 

Unfortunately, due to many things, The Gasm has fallen to the side a bit, always playing in the background, but never really reaching its full potential. We will now begin to go back to regular programing with live shows every weekend. We will also be reaching out to local bands and artists to play and release a lot of original local material.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. We want to help out as many people and get as much original work out in the real world as possible, With this new site, we will even be able to sell the music of local bands. If you are interested in this, please let us know. 

We look forward to starting over our journey with you! Thank you for your continued support.



Mark Rucci

Owner & Founder, The Gasm Radio

© Mark Rucci 2016